Light Installation

There are many types of light fittings for wiring. In our installation services, these are some of the ones used.


Recessed lighting or commonly known as “downlights” offer a clean, classy and modern look for just about any room. It can increase the amount of light in a room, highlight any artwork or special features and open up spaces to look bigger.

Combined with a dimmer, the atmosphere of your room can be transformed instantly from bright to intimate.

Downlights come in yellow or white colour light to suit individual preference.


L-box light

Cove lighting or widely known as l-box lighting is a form of indirect lighting built into ledges or recesses in a ceiling or high on the walls of a room. It directs light up towards the ceiling and down adjacent walls. It may be used as primary lighting or to highlight decorative ceilings, which is fairly common nowadays. Cove lighting is highly valued because it hides the fixtures, other than providing a very classy and even light.

With creativity, the room ambience can be determined by the lighting colour and dimmer installation. It is an endless inspiration.

T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes are commonly used. They come in a few length options to cater to the length of l-box required. T5 is more slender in shape, more energy saving and have a higher luminous efficacy as compared to T8.

Light-Emitting Diode (LED)

LEDs are very commonly used nowadays due to many advantages. These include lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, eco-friendly and physical flexibility. They can perform in various colours.

LEDs are flexible enough to be used for advertising text, traffic light and general lighting.

Other Light Fittings

Halogen light, spot light, decorative lighting


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