Plugs / Power Points

Power supply and wall sockets differ from countries to countries. Every country do not have the same rules when it comes to the distribution of electricity for portable appliances and lighting. As for the the wall sockets, they vary too, in term of plug shapes, plug holes and plug sizes. The types used in each country are determined by national standards.

In Malaysia, we use socket type C and G, with 240V voltage and 50 Hz frequency.

The official power voltage is actually AC 230V with the tolerance of +10%, -6%.However, the supplied voltage remains at 240V, as the supplied voltage is within the allowed tolerance. Areas that rely on private power companies, like some parts of Kedah and Penang, receive a true 230V supply. Remote villages which rely on off-grid localized diesel generators may receive unstable power with higher voltages. Some areas recorded as high as 260V.

We advise on Surge Protector device to protect devices that use telephone, aerial or coaxial cable lines against electrical surges and spikes. This is for the safety of plug wiring system. Power related problems are the number one cause of damage to equipment and data loss. Protect your personal computer, printer, hard drives, modems and other electronic devices against damage, data loss, file corruption, and system crashes with a Lifetime Warranty Surge Protector.

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